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About Yohoo Slots Casino

There’s a lot to love when it comes to Yohoo Slots Casino and that definitely begins with their looks. Everyone loves meerkats and that’s exactly what they’ve got for us on their front page. What makes these meerkats even cuter though is the fact that they come in cartoon form. In fact, the entirety of Yohoo Slots Casino has been given a cartoony design. To be honest we’re pretty big fans of this as it creates a fun and upbeat atmosphere; something we’d definitely like to have before we do our gaming.

One of the perks of having a cartoony theme for the site is the use of colours. It’s very rare to see this type of theme overpower the senses. The reason for this is a lot of light colours that are easy on the eyes are used here. This in turn has meant finding any game that you’re looking for is a piece of cake! This means that not only does Yohoo Slots Casino look great in our opinion…it’s also a perfect location for any new online player!

The Yohoo bonus

The biggest perk when it comes to Yohoo Slots Casino however surely lies with its welcome bonus. The reason for this is it’s a pretty cool bonus which can be incredibly rewarding too. What’s even better about this welcome bonus is that you don’t just get this bonus the first time you deposit: you get this bonus every time you deposit!

The minimum deposit to activate this bonus is £20, and once you have you’ll be taken to Yohoo Slots Casino’s mega wheel. This is essentially a lucky wheel which you will spin to see what prize you land on. All the prizes are spaced evenly so you’ve got a decent chance at landing the top prize. The top prize is the one you’ll be after though as it’s worth a pretty tasty 500 free spins! These will be spin on NetEnt’s Starburst slot too so it’s fantastic news all round!

The games

While the name is Yohoo Slots Casino; fortunately they don’t deal in just slots. While the slots are their bread and butter, they do have plenty of table games for you to enjoy as well. There’s a lot of big names providing games for Yohoo Slots Casino too. NetEnt and Microgaming are the big two…however there are plenty of developers providing games here on the site.

So if you like cute things, cool prizes, and lots of games: Yohoo Slots Casino is the place to be!

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