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As fun as they come

With a name like Spin Princess Casino you’re no doubt expecting something a little bit different. We’re happy to tell you that you’re actually quite correct on that front… Spin Princess Casino is certainly different! The way they’re different is they seem to be appealing to women in particular; them and everyone else who likes princesses we’d imagine anyway.

Of course a princess’s favourite colour is pink and so that’s exactly what Spin Princess Casino have dressed their site in. There’s pink each way and every way you look with splashes of blue and red rounding things out. Overall we actually quite like the look Spin Princess Casino have given themselves. Online casinos are meant to be fun and this place certainly looks just that!

To go with this Spin Princess Casino have created a user friendly homepage. Everything you could be looking for from the bonuses to the games will be found right here. The only thing you need to do is click on what you want!

What does a princess get for a bonus?

If you happen to be a princess then you’re probably fully aware that princesses expect their things to be bigger and better than everything else; which is exactly what Spin Princess Casino have tried to do with their new player bonus.

This bonus can boast that it reaches the £1,000 mark which is the most you can be rewarded with if you take it for its maximum. While getting this bonus for it’s maximum may not be all that easy; Spin Princess Casino have split this across your first three deposits with the site so it should be somewhat easier!

To go with this Spin Princess Casino offers up plenty of weekly promotions for its players. The overall idea seeming to be that every time you log in to their site; you’ll find something fun and rewarding to take them up on.

The games at Spin Princess Casino

It appears as though NetEnt are the developer who’s leading the way for Spin Princess Casino’s collection of games. This isn’t too much of a surprise to be honest though as all their games tend to be big hits amongst players. They aren’t the only developer on the site though with plenty of the other big developers offering up their games as well; but even better than this is that there’s even some games which are exclusive only to Spin Princess Casino!

In the end you don’t have to be or even like princesses to enjoy Spin Princess Casino. With £1,000 up for grabs and NetEnt leading the line you just know you’re in for a good time here either way!

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