SEGA launches online Slots App on Google Play

sega slots

Get a blast from the past with these Sega Slots!

When you think of Sega you probably don’t think about the online casino industry. You probably think of the Sega Megadrive and its classic games like Sonic the hedgehog. Well that might all be about to change for you as now Sega have decided to enter the online industry with the launch of their new Sega Slots!

Of course there is only ever going to be one headline act when we talk about Sega and that’s going to be Sonic the hedgehog. He’s the first Sega character that’s had a slot built around him which you can now find available for play at the android app store. If Sonic wasn’t your cup of tea growing up then perhaps a few of these other classics will get you in the mood. Sega have also released slot versions of the games Shinobi, Monkey Ball, Golden Axe(our personal favourite), and Samba De Amigo…and the list does go on!

How the slots play

Well the first thing you’ll notice about these slots from Sega Networks is the looks that are on offer. Sega have done as best they could to keep the graphics and games looking as much like the original as they possibly could. Things have been spruced up here and there to bring the game into the 21st century however for the most part you’ll be able to get a bit of a nostalgia trip just as you imagined it!

One of the cool things about this particular range of games however is the bonus features. Sega have tried to make each of the bonuses featured in these games reflect a particular level or iconic moment from the game the slot is based around. This is to try and give the player as immersive an experience as they possibly can and we love it.

So if like us you were a big fan of Sonic and co when growing up then get yourself to the android app store…and relive those glorious days of old!