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Casumo get exclusive rights!

Thunderkick Gaming are one of the biggest names in the online casino industry nowadays. Each new game of theirs is a massive hit with players thanks to their high end graphics and innovative gameplay. So when we tell you they’ve got a new game available to play you should probably get pretty excited – we know we are.

This is also a time for Casumo Casino to get excited too though. The reason for this is they’ve managed to get exclusive rights to this game on release. The game is named Pink Elephants with the theme of this game being as the name suggests.

Game specifics

The first thing that stands out about this game is the incredible graphics. It’s entirely possible there’s no better looking game than Pink Elephants right now. This is a fully 3D looking game which takes on a mystical and cartoony style. The location of the slot is on the African savannah; and while the mystical pink elephants may be the star of the show – they’re joined by a host of happy critters on the plains as well.

Perhaps the most interesting part about the Pink Elephants slot is that it comes with 4,096 paylines. We’re not sure if we’ve ever seen more on a single slot before to be honest. Something which definitely peaks our interest on the slot even more. To be fair though, given that this is a 6 x 4 slot with 24 symbols out at once –  we were expecting a little more than usual. Perhaps not this much more though!

Regardless of what the slot itself looks like; with 8,200 times your staked bet up for grabs on each spin we’d be playing this game as much as we can anyway! With spins starting as low as 10p a time and going up as high as £100 at the other end: this does mean Pink Elephants has a jackpot prize of £820,000!

So if you’re interested in playing the latest release of Thunderkick’s, then make sure you head on over to Casumo Casino. And while you’re at it why not make use of their £1,200 welcome bonus at the same time!