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The best online casino free spins bonus for slot players!

If you’re a slot player looking to sign up to your very first site; then you want to be looking for a site which offers online casino free spins! Fortunately these aren’t hard to come by. In fact you’ll find the vast majority of sites will offer free spins in one way or another. This makes online casinos a bit of a paradise for slot players as they’re always being given lots of spins. There are two main categories these online casino free spins bonuses are broken into. The first of these are the no deposit new player free spins bonuses. The second of the two are the online casino free spins bonuses you get when you make a deposit.

online casino free spins

No deposit free spins bonuses

The first of the two online casino free spins bonuses are the no deposit ones. These are bonuses you get simply for registering an account with a site. The amount you get can vary anywhere between 10 and 50 free spins with this kind of deal. However, they are all free so it really is a must have bonus. In addition to giving yourself a free shot at money; an online casino no deposit free spins bonus also lets you learn the games. If you’ve played slots before then it’s not too much of a learning curve. However you will want to gather your bearings before you start playing with your own money just to be safe.

The big online casino free spins bonus

The second of the two online casino free spins bonuses are the ones you get when making a deposit. There’s a lot more of these type of bonuses to go around; plus they offer a whole lot more of them as well. The requirements to claim this type of bonus is only that you make a minimum deposit on the site.

In exchange for this you can get up to 200 free spins on a select slot for your troubles. Sometimes you’ll get these free spins all at once and you can go mad with them. With some bonuses they like to split them up across your first 10 or so days. This is largely just to encourage you to keep coming back to their site. Either way though it’s 200 free spins you’ve got to turn into a fortune!

So if you’re looking to play at an online casino make sure you grab yourself an online casino free spins bonus when you do!