NetEnt have created a millionaire player once again!

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Another player joins the millionaire club

We don’t know how many times we hear about this; but NetEnt turning one of their players into a millionaire seems to be happening more and more frequently these days. Of course this is only fantastic news for everyone involved, however it will get to the point where we no longer consider it a newsworthy event and just the natural thing!

 It was Mr Green Casino who had the pleasure of creating a millionaire this week and we’ll give you one guess as to which slot it was on. Of course, the answer is the the Mega Fortune Online Slot which has produced more millionaires now than any other online slot in existence. Given that Mega Fortune was released nine years ago now this is just a testament to how great and popular this game is.

The winner

The winner of this jackpot prize was a lady named Jessica, who resides in Germany. She was able to claim the 3.3 million euro prize this month to the disbelief of her and her family. Described as a surreal event by Jessica; this jackpot prize will no doubt change the rest of her life now.

Mr Green Casino has been creating a lot of rich people over the years; handing out over £10 million in jackpot prizes this year alone. The great news is that if you want to sign up with Mr Green Casino this week they have an excellent new player welcome package for you to do so. This welcome package can earn you up to £100 in cash along with 200 free spins on a top NetEnt slot. So if you’d like to go the way of Jessica and hit a £3 million plus prize; the one place it can certainly be done is Mr Green Casino!