Get your share of £6,666 and 666 free spins with Guts this Halloween!

guts casino

Enjoy Halloween with Guts Casino

If you like free money and you like free spins then you’ll want to head to Guts before Halloween ends. They’ve got an incredible amount of both for you to get your hands on this spooky season. The way they’re giving these free spins out is pretty fun too. Half of this promotion is done like a race while the other half is done like a raffle.

The easy part when it comes to this promotion is getting the free spins. So if you like free spins then we’re sure you’ll want to listen in. For every £1 you wager at Guts Casino this Halloween season you’ll be given 15 points. You need to get yourself to a minimum of 150 points in order to qualify for the raffle. If you do then the raffle will be drawn the following day where 111 players will receive 6 free spins for their troubles.

So essentially this means wagering £10 for a chance to get yourself a couple of free spins. You don’t get multiple tickets for this raffle either so everyone has a fair chance at the prize. Since you’re only required to wager £10, this means that even if you only have a couple of pound in your account you’ll still have a great chance of meeting the requirements!

The cash prizes

If you’d like to set your sights even higher then there’s still free cash to be made as well. This will be via a cash race where the top 180 players will be given a prize of between £6 and £1,000. The way this tournament works is simple. The player with the most points at the end wins the £1,000! With 180 places being paid a cash prize, there’s still plenty to be chasing after even if you’re playing casually!

All in all we’d have to admit we love this deal from Guts Casino. Not only are there free spins and free cash to be made; they’re being paid out to hundreds of players too!