£88 No Deposit at 888 Casino

888 casino

The most exciting way to get a no deposit bonus

Online casinos are all about excitement and big bonuses. The first thing you’ll often do when on a site is see what sort of juicy bonuses they have on offer. Well if we’re being honest, there’s perhaps no juicier bonus going than the one at 888 Casino. Well, there’s certainly no juicier no deposit bonus at the very least.

The reason for this is that for a select few, the amount of the online casino no deposit bonus will be £888! 888 Casino seem to want to add a little more excitement into the lives of their new players. The way they’ve gone about doing this is to add in a bonus wheel at the start. This bonus wheel has anywhere from £15 to £888 on it. The game is simple: you spin the wheel and see where it lands. Wherever it does that’s how much of a no deposit bonus you’ll get.

Not only is this pretty exciting, but you also get a huge amount of money from this bonus too! So much that there’s a good chance you’d be able to play every game on the site at least once with the bonus money!