75 Free Spins At Dream Jackpot Casino

dream jackpot casino

Get your free spins the easy way

Dream Jackpot Casino is the site which encourages you to dream big about how you’re going to spend all that money when you get that big jackpot win. To help you on your way to that paradise Dream Jackpot Casino offer up a pretty tasty welcome package too. This will not only give you £900 in cash; but it will also give you 75 free spins to try your luck with too!

Dream Jackpot Casino have broken this welcome package down across your first three deposits as well. The first deposit is a £250 matching deposit bonus. The second is a £150 matching deposit bonus. Then the third will come in the form of a £500 matching deposit bonus. What makes these bonuses all the better is that with each deposit you get 25 free spins as well. You only need to deposit the minimum amount to get these free spins too; so they’re quite easy to get.

All in all we’d say it’s a pretty great deal for all players involved. The package is split into three separate bonuses and there’s 75 free spins thrown in there for you too!