40 Free Spins At Maria Casino

maria casino

Maria Casino offers 3 unique bonuses

Maria Casino is pretty unique amongst online casinos, and in a good way too. They’re a site who understands that not every player is the same; and they’re not all looking for the same bonus either. This is why instead of offering just one new player bonus on their site, they offer three instead! The best part though is each of these three bonuses come with 40 free spins as well!

The first of the three bonuses is a simple one. Deposit £10 at Maria Casino and they’ll give you £30 to play with. In addition to this you’ll get 10 free spins a day for the next four days too! The second option is to deposit £40, and get £100 to play with. Once again you’ll also get 10 free spins a day for four days. The final option is a 100% matching deposit bonus on deposits as high as £100! And yes, again there will be the 40 free spins as well.

So regardless of whether you consider yourself to be a bit of a high roller; or just a casual player looking for fun…there will definitely be a welcome bonus that’s ideal for you and it will come with 40 free spins too!