100 Free Spins at Casino Pop


Two ways to claim 100 free spins

Casino Pop clearly know how much players love a good free spins bonus. The reason for this is they offer not just one, but a choice of two on their site. There’s two separate new player bonuses you can choose at Casino Pop when you register with their site. One of them is is a straight up matching deposit bonus while the other is split across a few deposits. Regardless of which one you choose though you’ll be getting a bunch of free spins with these bonuses.

The amount of free spins you’ll be getting from Casino Pop is 100. You don’t need to deposit the maximum amount to get these 100 free spins either. Just the minimum will do. When it comes to the 100 free spins with the split bonus, fortunately all of them will be given with the first deposit you make! Once again this deposit can be for the minimum required amount as well!

So whether you’re looking to make just one deposit, or you want to make a lot; you’ll still get 100 free spins with Casino Pop’s bonus!