Lucky Thrillz Casino

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About Lucky Thrillz Casino

Lucky Thrillz Casino is an excellent destination for anyone on the hunt for a new online casino. That’s because this is actually a pretty new online casino itself; and it comes with all the goodies that a new online casino is typically associated with!

Those things start off with a cool new look. The look that Lucky Thrillz Casino have dressed themselves up in involves a very dark colour scheme. Black is the predominant colour here and it’s comboed off with red and white. This is quite a striking colour combination which really grabs your attention and draws you in. This is perfect if you’re looking to focus in on the games and have a great time; there’s very few distractions!

The Lucky Thrillz welcome offer

For us though the reason you want to play at Lucky Thrillz Casino is for the welcome package. We’ve never cared a huge amount how a site looks but we’ve always cared about the bonuses. The welcome offer here is so good that we think everyone will be a fan. The reason for this is you actually have a choice of two options, not just one! These two offers have been called the luck bonus and the thrill bonus.

The luck bonus is a simple matching deposit bonus where you can get up to £150 with your deposit. This comes with 100 free spins on NetEnt’s Starburst slot too with a minimum deposit requirement of £20.

 The thrill bonus is a little bigger and arguably a lot better. This is a £300 welcome bonus coming as a matching deposit once again. There’s a minimum deposit requirement of £50 to get this bonus however the payoff is worth it. Anyone who claims the Lucky Thrillz Casino Thrill bonus will also get 100 free SUPER spins too. If you don’t know what a super spin is it’s a free spin you get valued at £1. This means there’s £100 worth of free spins for you to claim from the thrill bonus which is truly fantastic!

The games

 Fortunately there’s plenty of games to make good use of this bonus too. NetEnt are the biggest developer on the site and you’ve got slots, table games, live dealer games, and scratch cards for you to pick between. This is pretty much everything a casino player needs and so we think you’ll be quite happy.

So if you’re on the hunt for a new casino Lucky Thrillz Casino is certainly a good choice. While the place does look good and they’ve got the games to match: it’s the welcome offer they have here which really does it for us!